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Name: Raie
Years in TCG: ~5 to 6 year
Occupation: FullTime
Mind Set: Lazy but cheerful
Likes: HTML, CSS, and Kakashi
Hates: Peas, being lazy, and my OCD
Email; raissapaine[at]
Skype; toast.taco
Dreamwidth; lady_paine
TCG Post; raie.carbonbeauty[dot]net
My Trading Site
Hover over the head of each section for the individual pages of the TCGs to view my collections and trading piles. You can post here if you require a trade and/or send an email through my website. Please use the following form if you wish to post here for trades.
Trade Terms
I'm not picky. However there are some terms that I require for each TCG. For all tcgs I play.

Collecting is UNTRADABLE.
Keeps is UNTRADABLE. Only I will I ever need to give these up for trades for a deck in my collecting. You MAY NOT ask to have anything in Keeps. Ever.
Trading is TRADABLE

Colors; 1 to 1 trades only. Yes you may request a special card and trade me a regular card. ALL CARDS ARE WORTH ONE.
Tones; 1 to 1 ratio trade only.
Life Bottle; 1 to 1 ratio trade only.
Life Bottle


code by [community profile] cawaii

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(x01) (x00) (x00) (02) (x03) (x00) (x01) (x01)


Received From...
March 24, 2017 ------------
- Ritsu (Sh) Gifted: whitesilver03, yellow chocolate 
- Brittany (j) Gifted: jadedragon05, green chocolate
- Rizu gifted: shaolin02, brown chocolate
- Jun gifted: termina05, purple chocolate
- Kaede Gifted: basil19, green chocolate
- nikita gifted: dattebasa04, yellow chocolate
- Ken Gifted: Kalina08, gray chocolate
- MIro Gifted: jadedragoon07, green Chocolate
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Trick or Treat everyone!
Click the banner to go to my page.

Please let me know who you are! It'll make things easier for me, I don't have good internet and most of the time i have hard connection times to the colors site.
have Murasaki Candy!

Visual Candy I received
x00  x01  x01  x00  x00  x01  x11  x12


Sketch Pads
 x01 (01 Turned in)

Candy I gave away
Makorin, Eon, Netbug
Miro, Suijini, Lee
Dina, Ivory and Horn
Adelicya, Olivia, Kiri
Jun, Kaede, Renee
Nikita, Coops, Jessu
Neenee, Tanna, Cassie
Shar, Ana, Cooper
Lex, Erin, Raven
Candy I received
[personal profile] zeittari Kaede: Recieved!
[personal profile] instrumentality LeeRecieved!
[personal profile] nidoking RevenRecieved!

Orange Candys
[personal profile] kurieta MakorinRecieved!
[personal profile] reneetwist  ReneeRecieved!
[personal profile] ivoryandhorn IvoryandHornRecieved!
[personal profile] secretambition  Nea: Waiting for Candy

Yellow Candys
[personal profile] eonflamewing Eon: Recieved!
[personal profile] canute NikitaRecieved!
[personal profile] phibby ArianneRecieved!
[personal profile] bobanaicha CassieRecieved!

Green Candys
[personal profile] beezebeora JunRecieved!
[personal profile] madoka  SamiRecieved!
[personal profile] jessu JessuRecieved!
[personal profile] kureto  dina: Revieved!

Blue Candys
[personal profile] dustybunny Tanna: Received!
[personal profile] sujini SujiniRecieved!
[personal profile] zekroms Olivia: Recieved!
[personal profile] cardsharpe  SharRecieved!

Purple Candys
[personal profile] chuuya  Kiri: Received!
[personal profile] admiral  Lex: Received!

[personal profile] magaru  Aru: Received!

Brown Candys
[personal profile] needles  Lita: Recieved!
[personal profile] netbug009  NetbugRecieved!
[personal profile] buttmage CoopsRecieved!

Gray Candys
[personal profile] neverbepractical  MiroRecieved!
[personal profile] sinew  ErinRecieved!
[personal profile] tiddly_widdly  CooperRecieved!

[personal profile] anaraine  AnaRecieved!

Candy Revieved Misc
Host Club 147 - Yellow Candy


Black/White  - 
1 Red Crayon, 2 Blue, 1 Green, 2 Gray, 1 Orange, 2 purple, 1 yellow, 2 brown for 4 red Candies, 4 orange,4 yellow, 4 green, 8 blue, 8 purple, 8 brown, 8 gray

Glorious Green - Exchanged 10xPurple, 12xBlue, 8xRed, 3xOrange, 12xGreen, 8xYellow for  
rougeschool07, rougeschool09, rougeschool11, rougeschool12, rougeschool14, bluesea07, bluesea09, bluesea14, bluesea16, bluesea17, bluesea18, styx03, styx04, styx07, styx09, eponassong01, eponassong02, eponassong04, sariassong02, sariassong03, sariassong04, sariassong05, sariassong06, sariassong07, dattebasa01, dattebasa02, dattebasa03, dattebasa05

Brown Break - Raffle Tickets x6 (-1Orange, -1Yellow, -1purple, -1brown, -2gray)

Brown Break

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Please use the above form if you would like to be trade buddies.
Arrows lead to players Trade site!
Player; Jun
Years Known; FOREVER Status; Active
TCG Likeness; Pairings, Himitsu, Colors, Reflection
Likes;  Raie
Dislikes; Raie
Favorite Series;

Player; Jenn
Years Known; < 1 Year
Status; Active
TCG Likeness; Himitsu, Pairings
Likes; Cookie Dough Ice-cream, Naruto, K Project
Dislikes; Brussel Sprouts
Favorite Series; Fullmetal Alchemist

Player; Chianna
Years Known; < 1 Year
Status; Active
TCG Likeness; Himitsu, Pairings
Likes; Science, anime/manga, cosplay
Dislikes; Sweets
Favorite Series; FMA, Pandora Hearts, Liar Game, No.6


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